Shamim Asrar Khan

The oft quoted statement, ‘Change is the only constant’, though true in essence, remains only a statement in some fields. Our Education System is one of the glaring examples of the same. Means of communication, transportation, health care and others have seen unimaginable transformation, world over, in the last century.

Parvez Asrar Khan

 In his theory about what we can do and can’t do talked about the Zone of Proximal Development in the 1920s. He explained that there are three zones within each of us, visualized as concentric circles. The innermost of its concentric circles he called the Zone of Comfort; he said it was reasonably passive.

Jamshed Asrar Khan

 Our constant endeavour is to challenge the normal and go beyond the ordinary. We aspire to guide our students in finding the special quality that helps them stand apart.  For this, we bring on board future-forward educational curriculum that is based on the best international practices. 

Sikander Asrar Khan

We understand a school is a place for imbibing knowledge and learning through fascinating experiences. We provide opportunities for our students, which are a perfect blend of curricular and co-curricular studies such as cultural and sports education..